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Wolf in the Fold

We've been meaning to capture the beast known as Hannah Todd for quite some time now. She's been prowling the streets of New York and absolutely killing shit out here.

This prolific and versatile rider is able to accomplish pretty much whatever comes her way. From the street, track, road, cx, sanctioned or unsanctioned, she's only beginning her hunt from winning this year's Monster Track XV to placing top 5 in Red Hook Crit 7 to taking podium at almost every event she enters. Watch out ladies (and gentlemen), there is clearly a wolf in the fold

Riding Cyclocross for Ham Cycles, she recently was picked up Dosnoventa and lord only knows who next. 

She exudes energy on and off the saddle and is simply a pleasure. Give her a follow on IG @harlemhannah

Shout out to my mom and my dad for always supporting me in everything I've ever done and to my main squeeze Donovan for being the best cheerleader ever. Shout out to DSNV for seeing something special in me, 2LapJam for supporting me since the beginning and Katie Yost and Myrna for being the realest girls in the game. 

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