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Stay Alive

Meet Cordell Murray of Stay Alive NY

I had the pleasure of meeting this rad dude a few weeks back. A few people decided to break out cameras on a cold, dark night in Brooklyn. One thing led to another and shit got kinda rowdy to say the least. And let's just say there's a few hasidic jews that absolutely hate us. lol. 

This dude has been running a nice project called Stay Alive NY. It has one very simple singular mission; promoting people. With tentacles that span across various disciplines and focus, one project stood out and caught my eye; The Messenger Study

He has a passion for design, photography, photo journalism, and bikes, so he's def alright in our book. That LOW// tho.. #massanvibes

Stay up to date with Stay Alive on IG @stayalivenyc

Shout out: "I'm looking forward to my collection growing. I'm planning to travel the world, meet people and study them by adding them to my collections."

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