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Road to Red Hook

Meet Lalo Reynoso. In addition to his 2012 Histogram he recently built up a 2014 Cinelli Parallax further proving this guy is forever saving the track bike. And of course we couldn't not capture this beast. 

We've had the pleasure of riding with Lalo for the last year and he's a solid dude on and off the saddle not to mention one of the strongest and most humble dudes out there.

He's a multi-faceted rider with a passion for distance as well as a street racer making a name for himself in NYC. He took podium in almost every 2013 alley cat he participated in and recently took top 5 at this years MonsterTrack 15

We're honored to be riding alongside him in the upcoming Red Hook Crit in Brooklyn as well as look forward to riding with him more in the upcoming seasons. 

That hair tho..

Follow him on IG @mynameislatte

Shouts out go to Rusty, Roscoe, Mash SF, Red Hook Crit, NNR, TRCKSTNDTerremoto Crew and Heather #1 Baby!

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