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God & Famous - An independent cycling apparel label based in New York City. Cycling jerseys, bib shorts, cycling accessories and jackets. Design focused with a taste for functionality. Fixed gear and road bike friendly. 

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One-Hundred Percent

Meet Duke. 

I've been following Duke (@ekudduke) and his team Fixedgearlondon for a while now. And when he gave me the heads up that he'd be in NYC we simply had to connect. 

We had the pleasure of hanging, riding and just getting to know this rad dude when he came into town for Red Hook Crit 9. Annnnnd we got even more hang time when a few of us hopped across the pond to participate in a trade show (SPIN Ldn) held annually in London; more hangs, more miles. 

His outlook is simple and pure; move fast and move forward. Lord knows I'm all for it. 

Currently supported by Fixedgearlondon, MashSF and Cadence Collection this dude is doing it 100%. 

Shoutouts: "I would like to thank Mike Martin of Mashsf (a true example of how to inspire others with your passion), Andy (Fucking) Ellis of Brascona, Kenny, Moe, Chris and Josh of God & Famous (obvious shout out!), the UltraDad™ Connor Mckenzie (meeting him truly opened my eyes to the worldwide fixed gear community), Mr Cordell Murray (STAYALIVE!) Marek Ufnal of Wales Fixedgear, my brothers over at Defi Collective and everybody I've ever shared a journey with. Much love!"


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