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During our recent trip to LA, we met up with Luis Escajeda; the captain and founder of LA-based cycling team Mobbin' Monday.

This dude showed up with his recently built up Unknown Bike Co. Type 1 and things quickly got rad..

What started as a boozy-weekly ride in Pomona back in 2009 eventually turned into a full-blown sponsored race team participating in various fixed-gear events both locally and abroad.

The Mobbin' Monday of 2015 is much different having support from Unknown Bike Co. along with other companies and have their eyes set on some major fixed-gear events including but not limited to the Wolfpack Hustle Unified Series and Red Hook Crit (NY and abroad). Having a well rounded team of crit racers and working couriers, they plan on hopping into some messy events like NACCC and Westside Invite.

We're proud to be officially supporting the MobbinUnknown team this season. Stay up with the team progress on IG @mobbinmonday. Keep up with Luis on IG @luiisescajeda.

Shout out to my brother Alvin for making the competitive cyclist I'm today. To the Aguayo bro's for being OG Mobbers. To anybody that has ever been to a Mobbin' Monday we would be nothing without you, the riders!! And lastly, shout out to all of our sponsors: Unknown Bike Co., Road Runner Bags, Coates Cyclery and of course God & Famous!


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