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God & Famous - An independent cycling apparel label based in New York City. Cycling jerseys, bib shorts, cycling accessories and jackets. Design focused with a taste for functionality. Fixed gear and road bike friendly. 

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Introducing Johnny Alcantara to the team. 

A full-time messenger in New York City, this rad dude simply exudes energy and posi-vibes on and off the saddle. He's been a long-time supporter of G&F and even put in work for us, literally, by dropping off local orders throughout NYC by bike on the backs of releases. Returning the support was only right. 

Currently riding track and road, he's a versatile and active street rider that's constantly dropping into mostly messenger focused races like NACCCS and local alleycats. He's even down with regional events like the DC Diamond Crit.

Even more rad, he's been getting more involved in randonneuring/bike touring which usually involves getting off-road and straight up camping with the bike. He just completed an un-supported (and un-hoteled) trip from NYC to Boston last weekend. I'm told he wants to get into cyclocross. Oh boy..  

Make sure to follow Johnny and his upcoming adventures on IG at @crooklyn71814

"Shout out to my family, my lovely girlfriend for the support and motivation, all the homies, BodaBoda NYC, Kenny at G&F and Samurai Messenger!!!

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