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The Focus of Red Hook

We set out to capture Red Hook Crit 8 through a slightly different lens this year. Obtaining an official press pass and then abandoning said pass along with appropriate ISO/aperture settings, our goal was to refocus on a very simple aspect of competition; it's the focus of every rider giving it their all on this concrete stage. #paincave

That being said, we wanted to be in it this year. Experiencing Red Hook like everyone else and capturing moments from a different perspective than the typical "press" POVs. The results were imperfect. Emotive. And oh so ill. 

Aside from some very unfortunate accidents during a few qualifying rounds (@fazadhili - heal up man), RHC 8 turned out to be a fairly clean race. Ivan Ravaioli ended up taking the cake for the Men's field. Poloandbike and Leader Bikes killed this year with top 3 finishes from Luis Millan and Raul Torres respectively. For women's, Ainara Arteaga ended up taking it. 

Full results can be found here.

Congrats to EVERY rider who participated and gave it their all this year. See you all in the cave. 


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