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God & Famous - An independent cycling apparel label based in New York City. Cycling jerseys, bib shorts, cycling accessories and jackets. Design focused with a taste for functionality. Fixed gear and road bike friendly. 

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Good things happen when there's a call for change.. 

I'm so not mad that homie Chris Green called in a last minute trip to NYC for RHC. Between the race, hangs and familiar faces; this event brings such good vibes to our city. Arriving with his well loved MASH Cinelli Bolt he decided to call an audible. Moe coordinated a quick sale and sold said Bolt leaving Chris with a LOW// MkII Aero. #allfixiesalesarefinal (This one's Javon's old rig so it was only natural we keep it in the fam!)

Built up by Tijon at Deluxe Cycles. We snuck out on a wet morning to give this beast a proper test ride as well as snap a few shots. This one ended short after Chris caught a flat in Bushwick. Shout out to Brooklyn Machine Works for the assistance!

Learn more about LOW Bicycles and all of their offerings. Follow Chris and his journeys on IG/Snapchat @agreenerfilm.

Shout out: Ooooh! Shout out to the rest of the G&F team! Javon for keeping the Low in the fam. Tijon and Deluxe Cycles. Mobbin', Yung Eli, and all of my London/Australia co-dads! 👨🏻


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