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A Brooklyn Project

Meet Javon of Brooklyn, NY. 

I knew Javon's builds way before I knew the man himself. Following (and stalking) his extremely dope Pedal Room over the years, his past builds have always been on point with a meticulous attention to detail, some of which include a GT GTB, Cannondale Track (red), and an original LOW//.

His current build is a chill ass 2014 Cinelli Mash Histogram which ironically went back on the market days after this shoot took place. Apparently its already sold. Lord knows what his next project will be. We just hope that front rack will be a part of it.. #cruisinforabruisin

Follow him on IG @monsieurrose and see his stable on Pedal Room

Shouts outs: Huge shout out to KENNY K! And a oh and a huge shout to the people that buy all my bikes after I ride them for a few months. Now, who has a Gangsta Track with the OG fork they wanna sell!?

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