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An independent clothing label based in New York. Design obsessed and inspired by anything with two wheels, God & Famous NYC services the track / fixed gear and road cycling community with wearable goods, cycling apparel, commuter streetwear, headwear and other oddities with a detailed eye and a taste for functionality. 

An independent label based in New York, NY.

Design obsessed and inspired by anything with two wheels; God & Famous services the ROAD, track, fixed gear COMMUNITIES and EVERYTHING IN BETWEEN WITH wearable goods, headwear and other oddities with a detailed eye and a taste for functionality.

Founded in 2012, G&F is dedicated to pushing the sport and supporting those who are doing the same.




Some of those who support us and some of those who we support:


Q:  Do you ship internationally?

A:  Yes. We ship worldwide with DHL Express (3 days) for a flat rate of $29 USD which includes all custom clearance fees, duties and tracking. We also offer a slightly cheaper option in select countries which takes 7-13 business days to arrive depending on customs clearance.


Q:  Yo, that "thing" is sold out. Will you re-stock? 

A:  Depends. Some items are staples that we will continually re-up while others are exclusive runs. Some items we'll bring back from the dead after some time if we feel the need. Hit us up on any items of interest or check the RESTOCK MANIFEST.


Q:  Do you offer sponsorships?

A:  Depending on your dopeness level, yes. 


Q:  I ordered something. Has it shipped yet? 

A:  Due to the volume and frequency, please allow a 1-2 days for your order to ship out. We will send confirmation w/ tracking when it does. All orders are shipped out Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 2pm/EST from NY. 


Q:  I need to exchange and/or refund an item(s).

A:  We accept exchanges and full refunds. See our RETURN POLICY to go about doing so. 


Q:  I have some questions about G&F Gift Cards.

A:  See our GIFT CARD FAQ for more info on how they work. 


Q:  Do you offer crash replacement? 

A:  We offer crash replacement but it is case by case. Hit us up and we'll work it out. 


Q:  What does the name mean? 

A:  It's a secret.